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Architectural Acoustic Products

UK and International Acoustic Product Specialist

We are the exclusive service and repair distributor for Hall Partition systems but have many years experience with Oddicini  and Sesamverken systems.

  • Acoustic Movable Wall Systems
  • Acoustic Room Dividers
  • Acoustic Cladding
  • Ceiling Hung Acoustic Reverberation Panels
  • Wall Mounted Acoustic Reverberation Panels
  • Acoustic Sliding Folding Partitions
  • Glazed Folding Sliding Doors
  • Glass Moveable Walls

The movable wall and partition systems that we provide are designed to last for years but with care and regular service we can ensure that thetracks remain clean and lubricated, panels aligned and acoustic performance maintained

Accoustic Moveable Walls - Sliding Folding Walls
Expanding Walls - Glass Partitions
Folding Glass Doors - Oddicini Domino
Balcony Glass - Hall Partitions

About us at Architectural Acoustic Products

Architectural Acoustic Products Ltd. (AAP) is a UK wide and international acoustic product specialist.

We specialise in Acoustic Movable Wall Systems, acoustic cladding, ceiling hung and wall mounted acoustic reverberation panels, acoustic sliding folding partitions and all types of glazed folding sliding doors and Glass Moveable Walls.


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